My name is Lisa Walbeck and I am a fifth grade teacher. Please use the form at the bottom of the page if you would like to contact me.  

This webquest will incorporate the following Michigan Science Standards:

S.RS.05.15 Demonstrate scientific concepts through various illustrations, performances, models, exhibits, and activities.

P. FM.05.21 Distinguish between contact forces and non-contact forces.

P.FM.05.22 Demonstrate contact and non-contact forces to change the motion of an object.

P. FM.05.31 Describe what happens when two forces act on an object in the same or opposing directions. 

P.FM.05.32 Describe how constant motion is the result of balanced forces.

P.FM.05.33 Describe how changes in the motion of objects are caused by unbalanced forces.

P.FM.05.34 Relate the size of change in motion to the strength of unbalanced forces and the mass of the object.


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