In order to become a Roller coaster Engineer, you will need to complete a class that will prepare you for your new job. You should take notes in your design notebook. Your class consists of the following tasks:

Study of Force and Motion

With your partner, you will explore websites that will teach you about motion and how force affects motion.  You will take notes on what you have learned at these websites.  You will use this information again in Task #3, when you are studying how Roller coasters work. 

Study of Roller coasters

With your partner, you will read about the history of roller coasters.
Design Roller coaster

Your group will then be designing a roller coaster at a number of different websites.  Be sure to add to your design journal information about what elements work well on a roller coaster.  For example, size of the hills or where a loop is placed, etc. 

Roller coaster Creation

This task will take place in the classroom.  You will be using pieces of pipe insulation and a marble to create a roller coaster.  Click here for a list of the materials you will be given and the requirements. 

Your successful completion of the following tasks will result in you becoming a Roller coaster Engineer!